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Arden is a kingdom in Timandra, the sunlit half of Moth.

Monarch: Ceranor
Language: Ardith
Capital: Kingswall
Sigil: Raven
Colors: Black and Orange
Religion: Idarism (60%) and Sailith (40%)

Arden enjoys a temperate climate, its north covered by deciduous forests, its south a land of grassy plains.  It is bordered in the north by Verilon's pine forests, in the south by the Sern River, in the west by Mageria, and in the east by the darkness of Eloria.

Arden's sigil is the raven, a common bird in its skies, and its colors are orange and black.

The easternmost settlement in Arden is Fairwool-by-Night, a village on the border of Eloria.

Arden's people are known as Ardith.  They tend to have tanned skin, their hair ranging from blond to dark brown, their eyes ranging from brown to green and blue.  The two dominant religions in Arden are Idarism, an old faith worshipping the sun, and Sailith, a new order preaching hatred of Eloria.

A thousand years ago, Arden -- along with Verilon, Mageria, and Ordia -- was part of Riyona, an empire which has since fallen.