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Bailey Berin (born 995 -- Timandrian calendar) is a major point-of-view character in the Moth novels.  A young Timandrian woman, she serves as a sidekick of -- and often a foil to -- the primary protagonist, Torin.

Physical Appearance:  Bailey has brown eyes, two golden braids that fall across her shoulders, and a tanned face strewn with freckles.  Almost six feet tall, she often dresses as a boy, wearing leggings, a tunic, and leather boots.  At the beginning of Moth, she is nineteen years old.

Background:  Bailey is the granddaughter of Lord Kerof Berin, the mayor of Fairwool-by-Night.  Along with Kerof, she is the only highborn resident of the village.  Ten years ago, the plague killed her parents; she has lived with her grandfather since.  The same year, she convinced her grandfather to adopt Torin, another plague orphan.  She has since seen Torin as a younger brother.

Personality:  Bailey is brash, hot-tempered, and emotional.  While fiercely intelligent, she is guided primarily by her heart... which often gets her into trouble.  More than anything, Bailey loves adventure -- climbing the old maple tree in the village square, daring Torin to swimming races, and running across the countryside to return with scraped knees, tattered clothes, and bee stings.