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Daenor (known in Daenorian as Denetek) is a long, narrow kingdom in the west of Timandra, the sunlit half of Moth. It is bordered in the north by Verilon, in the south by Eseer, in the east by Teekat Mountains, and in the west by the ocean.

Vertically the longest of Timandra's kingdoms, Daenor is geographically diverse. Its geography includes the eastern mountains of Teekat, the tallest in Timandra; the swamps of Eetek; temperate grasslands; and sub-arctic forests.

Two distinct ethnic groups inhabit Daenor. The South Daenorians live in the marshlands of Eetek, where they build towering pyramids that rise from the swamps. The South Daenorians tend to be tall, powerfully built, and dark of skin and hair. They share a common ancestry with the Sanian people who inhabit the great island-continent of Sania to their south. The North Daenorians tend to be slimmer and lighter, and culturally they are tied to Mageria, which lies to their east. These two groups of Daenorians share a long, complicated, and often hostile history. Both share a common language--Daenorian--which is part of a wider family of languages includes Nayan and Sanian.

The two common religions in Daenor are Idarism, mostly practiced in the north, and the worship of Cetela, a diety (usually portrayed as a man with a crocodile head) worshipped in the south.

The flag of Daenor is a green crocodile upon a golden field.