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Three dragons live in the world of Moth, one in each empire of Eloria. Eloria's dragons have snake-like bodies, four small legs tipped with claws, long beards, and no wings.  They are thousands of years old and act as advisors to their emperors.

SHENLAI -- The dragon of Qaelin, the bearer of secrets.  He has blue scales and a long, white beard.  He is wise and kind.

PIRILIN -- The dragon of Leen, the riddler.  She has white scales and violet eyes.  She is mysterious and contemplative.

TIANLONG -- The dragon of Ilar, the warrior.  He has black scales and a bushy red beard.  He is strong and brave.

Leenish mythology also speaks of a fourth dragon, Imoogi, who had his wings torn off and is now lost in the ocean, a sea serpent unable to fly. Imoogi also features in the mythology of Orida.