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Eloria, colloquially known as Nightside, is the dark half of Moth.  Its counterpart is Timandra, the sunlit side of the world.

Permently in darkness, Eloria has no plantlife; it is a barren, rocky land.  Its people have evolved to survive in the darkness;  Elorians have large eyes -- the size and shape of chicken eggs -- pale skin, white hair, and large ears.  They feed upon the Elorian fauna, which had also evolved to survice in the dark, and a wide variety of mushrooms.


Four nations rule Eloria:


Qaelin is the largest empire in Eloria, occupying all of its central continent.  See Qaelin.


The Ilari empire rules the southern continent of Eloria.  Its capital is Asharo, a port city, and its sigil is a flame.  Warlike and powerful, Ilar is famed for its warships and warriors.  It shares a long, hostile history with Qaelin, its neighbor to the north.  Also see Ilar .


Leen is an island-kingdom north of Qaelin.  Its sigil is a diamond.  The people of Leen are wise and peaceful.  Stargazers and philosophers, they rarely leave their island.


Montai is an island northeast of Ilar, known for its silverwork and silk.  It is the smallest of Eloria's nations.  See Montai.


Cloaked in permanent darkness, Eloria has no plantlife aside from some breeds of algea which can survive by moonlight. However, Eloria is rich in mushrooms, which form an important part of its ecosystem.

Some common aquatic animals in Eloria include bioluminescent lanternfish, angler fish, and octupi.

On land, common Elorian animals include nightwolves, stonebeasts, shahani, and weaveworms.