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Fairwool-by-Night is a village in the kingdom of Arden.  The village is distinguished by its proximity to Eloria; no other settlement in Timandra lies so close to the night.  Built along the northern bank of the Sern River, it also lies near the border of Naya, an old enemy of Arden.

Fairwool-by-Night is also known for its wool production, its main industry.  Its wool is shipped along the Sern river to other Ardish settlements, including Kingswall.  About 200 people live in the village proper.  Another 300 live in surrounding farms.

The village was built around an old tower which watches over Eloria.  The tower was built over 1,000 years ago, and the village slowly grew around it.

Locations in Fairwool-by-Night:[]

The Watchtower:  An old tower which rises above a hill, viewing Eloria.  It is always manned by at least one member of the Village Guard, the small military force (usually only comprising three or four people) of Fairwool-by-Night.

The Sailith Temple:  The largest building in the village after the Watchtower, and the only other building of stone.   It is home to Ferius, a monk of the Sailith religion. Outside the temple rises a marble statue depicting a noble Timandrian slaying a twisted Elorian.

The Village Square:  A pebbly expanse in the center of the village.  An old maple tree rises from its center.

The Manor:  A large cottage with lush gardens.  It is home to Mayor Kerof, the lord of the town, his granddaughter Bailey, and Torin Greenmoat.

The Sern River:  A river that flows south of the town.  South of the river lies the kingdom of Naya, which once fought a war against Arden.  The river flows east into Eloria.  Rowing west against the stream, it takes boats to the capital of Arden, Kingswall.  It's the artery of the village, used for trade with the capital.

The Shadowed Firkin:  The village tavern

The Dusk:  An area of twilight east of the town, a no-man's land that leads into Eloria.  Sometimes Elorians enter the dusk zone, and they can be viewed from the Watchtower.

Notable Residents:[]

Torin Greenmoat, the village gardener

Ferius, the village monk

Bailey Berin, the mayor's granddaughter

Camlin, a shepherd

Hemstad, a baker

Madori Greenmoat

Lord Kerof Berin, the mayor

Finian, a kindly old tinsmith

Wela, a heavyset brewer

Mae and Yara Hearthstone, twin cooks at the Shadowed Ferkin

Perry Potter, the village pottery maker

Leeya, a rye farmer's daughter

Yana, a plague orphan

Garin, a beet farmer

Talina, a milkmaid

Jorin, a blacksmith