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Ilar (lit. "Eternal Flame") is an empire in south Eloria, spanning the whole of the Ilari island.

Warlike, Ilar prides itself on strength, courage, and honor.  It has a long, complicated history with Qaelin, its northern neighbor, against whom it has fought several wars.

Ilar is renowned for its military prowess.  The empire commands the largest fleet in Eloria, comprising of hundreds of warships armed with cannons and iron figureheads for battering enemy vessels.  Ilari warriors dress in laquered black plates and bear katanas and daggers; some are known to ride shadow panthers, large felines the size of horses, into battle.  Ilar is also home to the Black Flame, an order of assassins and spies.

Its capital is Asharo, a port city on Ilar's northern coast, and its sigil is a red flame upon a black field.  Its current ruler is Empress Hikari, and its dragon is Tianlong.