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Koyee (born 998 -- Timandrian calendar) is a point-of-view character in the Moth novels.  She serves as the primary female protagonist of the series.  A daughter of the night, Koyee is a young huntress who goes on a quest to protect Eloria from an invasion of the day.

Physical appearance:  Koyee has pale skin, long white hair, and large lavender eyes.  Like all Elorians, her eyes are her most prominent feature--roughly the size and shape of chicken eggs, suited for seeing well in the darkness of eternal night.  Three scars mar Koyee's face, the gift of a nightwolf attack -- one rifts her brow, another crosses her cheek, and the third lifts the corner of her lips into a permanent half-smile.  Standing five feet tall, Koyee is sixteen at the start of the Moth saga.

Background:  Koyee was born and raised in Oshy, a fishing village in Qaelin, one of Eloria's three empires.  She grew up on the edge of dusk, the gleaming no man's land between the night and day.  Koyee's mother died in her childhood, and her father--now a fisherman--was once a soldier.  Her brother, Okado, left their village years ago to become a warrior in the east.

Personality:  Koyee is quiet, reflective, and brave.  She is a Mai--an unmarried woman--who rejects her suitors and has always dreamed of adventure.  When people of the day invade the night, Koyee will go on a quest to save her home. Koyee is the companion of a jatash--a shoulder spirit--named Eelani.