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(WARNING: This section contains spoilers for Daughter of Moth: The Moth Saga IV)

Madori (born 1017, Timandrian calender) is the daughter of Torin and Koyee Greenmoat. She is half Timandrian (a dweller of the day) and half Elorian (a child of the night).

Physical Appearance: Madori cuts her hair very short -- so short she can barely grab it between her fingers -- leaving only two long black strands growing off the top, which frame her face, hanging down to her chin. Madori also wears strange clothes, not proper Qaelish robes or even proper Timandrian gowns, but purple leggings, clunky leather boots with many buckles, and a purple tunic, her favorite color, which matches her large Elorian eyes. Madori inherited the dark hair of a Timandrian, and her skin also tans in the sun. But she has the eyes of an Elorian -- twice the size of her father's eyes, large and purple.