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Mageria is a powerful kingdom in Timandra, the sunlit half of Moth.

Mageria--along with Arden, Verilon, and Orida--was once part of the Riyonan Empire. Today an independant kingdom, Mageria is bordered in the east by the Red River, in the north by the Icenflow, in the south by the Nayan rainforest, and in the west by Teekat Mountains. The northern half of Mageria is densely forested, while the southern half is home to great, sprawling plains of grasslands.

Mageria's symbol is the buffalo, an animal once plentiful in its plains but now endangered due to over-hunting. Its banner displays a crimson buffalo over a black field.

Mageria is renowed for its skills with magic. It is home to Teel, the world's premier university training mages in various fields. Its magic-users, especially those trained in the arts of offensive magic, have made Mageria a deadly military force. It shares a long, hostile history with Arden, its neighbor to the east, with whom it has fought several wars.

Mageria's capital is Markfir, a city in the shadows of the Teekat Mountains. Idarism is the kingdom's official religion.