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Mythimna, colloquially known as Moth, is a tidally locked world.  Its one half lies in permanent daylight, its other half in endless night.

A vast and ancient world, Moth is home to many landscapes and cultures.

It is believed that, hundreds of thousands of years ago, Moth would spin around its axis, and day would follow night.  An unknown event caused the world to fall still.  Since then, the people of Moth have evolved separately on the daylit and dark sides; the two peoples have had almost no contact since.

Mythimna is commonely called Moth since its continents resemble the duskmoth, a breed of moth with one white wing, one black wing.

A map of Moth can be viewed here.


For full details, see Timandra.

Timandra, colloquially known as Dayside, is the sunlit half of Moth.  Timandra contains many vast, varied landscapes: sub-arctic pine forests, temperate plains, deserts, rainforests, savanas, and more.  It is home to eight kingdoms, each with their own language, culture, and history.  Living in eternal sunlight, most Timandrians fear and hate Eloria, the land of darkness and secrets.


For full details, see Eloria.

Eloria, colloquially known as Nightside, is the dark half of Moth.  Permanently dark, Eloria is a vast, barren land lacking plantlife.  However, it is home to ancient, sprawling civilizations whose people have evolved to survive in the dark.  Elorians have large eyes -- roughly the size and shape of chicken eggs -- pale skin, white hair, and large ears.  They enjoy a diet of meat and mushrooms.  Several kingdoms rule Eloria, sometimes clashing violently.  For thousands of years, Eloria has had no contact with Timandra, a land Elorians perceive as hellish and full of demons.

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