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Nitomi Hashido is a dojai from Ilar, an empire of Eloria, the dark half of Moth.

Nitomi was born in Yakana Peninsula to the powerful Hashido family, eldest daughter of Lord Okita Hashido. Unlike her siblings, known for their wisdom and strength, Nitomi is scatterbrained and small. She has great trouble controlling her mouth, which often spews out long streams of words.

Despite her shortcomings, Nitomi managed to successfully join the Dojai Order, becoming an assassin and spy. She wears the traditional garb of the dojai--tight-fitting black silks. She carries many tanto daggers as weapons. Like all dojai, she's adept at spywork, infiltration, and strikes from the shadows.

Nitomi is usually accompanied by her cousin and fellow dojai, Qato. While Nitomi stands shorter than five feet, Qato stands taller than seven. While Nitomi is renowned for her loquaciousness, Qato has never been known to string more than two words together; his speech consists entirely of speaking his name together with an adjective, e.g. "Qato happy" or "Qato sad."

In the War of Day and Night, Nitomi and Qato accompanied Koyee to the lands of Montai in an attempt to retrieve the Cabera Gear. Years later, the pair of dojai fought against the Radian Order alongside Torin.

Nitomi is the elder sister of mage Jitomi Hashido.