Okado is a point-of-view character in the Moth series of novels.  He is an Elorian and a rider in the Chanku Pack.

Physical appearance:  Okado is tall and lean.  Like all Elorians, he has white hair, pale skin, and large bright eyes.  He normally wears scale armor and a fur cloak; his weapons are a bow and katana.  He is never far from Refir, his nightwolf.  At the beginning of the Moth novels, he is twenty-six years old.  

Background:  Okado is from the village of Oshy in Qaelin.  He is an older brother to Koyee.  When he was sixteen years old, he left his village and sailed east upon the Inaro River, seeking his fortune.  He soon joined the Chanku Pack and rose in the ranks, eventually becoming a beta -- a second in command.  Among the strongest warriors in the pack, he successfully chose Suntai as his mate -- the greatest of Chanku's female warriors, and daughter of the previous alpha.

Personality:  Okado is brash and proud.  Unlike Suntai and most others in his pack, he is not descended from the original Chanku nobles of Pahmey.  He strives to make up for his lowborn blood with strength and honor.

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