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Pahmey is a large city in western Qaelin, Eloria. Home to half a million people, Pahmey is the second largest city in Qaelin (following the capital of Yintao).  Bailey Berin described the city as "a jumbled hive--a place of rickety workshops, soaring towers, dirty alleyways, and magnificent pagodas of gold and silver" and a city that "celebrates color and life".

Located north of the Inaro River , Pahmey's most distinguishable features are its many towers of crystals and glass, each glowing with inner lights.  Once ruled by the Chanku warriors, Pahmey was later governed by a council of wise old elders.

Some locations in Pahmey include:

Minlao Palace:  The palace from which the city elders govern.  The tallest tower in Pahmey, it rises in the center of the city, topped with a glass dome.

The Green Geode:  A pleasure house owned by Nukari.  There he sells both hintan, an intoxicating spice, and the pleasures of the yezyani -- female entertainers trained to sing, dance, and flirt.

The Temple: a great temple with a glass dome where philosophers worship the stars.

The Night Castle: A great pagoda with five tiers of blue-tiled roofs.  The main barracks of the citys' defenders.

The Fat Philospher:  A rickety old tavern renowned for its mushroom stew.

Bluefeather Corner:  A square in the dregs.  Surrounding the square are the Fat Philosopher, an old soothsayer, a seashell shop, and a corral of bluefeathers-for-hire.

Soot Valley:  The industrial neighborhood of the city.  Smiths, masons, tanners, weavers, cobblers, and dozens of other masters labor here in squat shops. 

The Market:  A sprawling labyrinth of streets and alleyways lined with peddler stalls.

The Boardwalk:  A bustling hub of fishermen and traders located outside the city walls along the Inaro river.

The Library:  A towering dome full of books and scrolls.