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Qaelin (lit. "Land of Qae") is an empire in Eloria, the dark side of Moth.  

The largest empire in Eloria, Qaelin shares a long border -- called the dusk -- with Timandra.

Qaelin was founded five thousand years ago by Xen Qae, an ancient philosopher and the central figure in Qaeism, the empire's largest religion. Qaelin is also home to Yin Shi, a philosophy, way of life, and martial art.

The Qaelish people are diverse and sparesly populated.  The main centers of population are Yintao, the capital; Pahmey, a large city in the west, Eeshan, a northern port city, and Sinyong, a city on the southern coast.  Qaelin is also home to the Chanku Pack, a group of semi-nomadic nightwolf riders, and Oshy, a village near the dusk.

Qaelin's sigil is a moonstar -- a circle within a star.  Its current ruler is Emperor Jin, and its dragon is Shenlai.

Qaelin shares a long, hostile history with Ilar, its southern neighbor, against whom it's fought several wars.