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Suntai is a point-of-view character in the Moth novels.  She is an Elorian member of the Chanku Pack.

Physical appearance:  Suntai has long, white hair; large, indigo eyes flecked with gold; and pale cheeks tatooed with lightning.  Tall and slender, she is never far from Misama, her white nightwolf.  She is twenty-six years old.

Background:  Suntai's parents were alphas of the Chanku Pack, but were slain in a violent takeover by the warrior Yorashi.  Only a child then, Suntai had attacked Yorashi, only for the man to slap her and send her fleeing.  Suntai has since grown into one of the deadliest warriors in the pack.  She is directly descended from the original Chanku nobles who ruled the city of Pahmey.  Recently, she accepted Okado as her mate.

Personality:  Suntai is noble and wise.  Rather than being brass or bloodthirsty like many in her pack, Suntai carries herself with quiet dignity.  She dreams of someday returning to the city of Pahmey from which her ancestors were banished.