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Timandra is the sunlit half of Moth, locked in permanent day.  Its counterpart is Eloria, the dark half of the world.

A vast land, Timandra contains many landscapes--from northern pine forests to southern deserts.  It is home to eight kingdoms who share a long, often hostile history.

The eight kingdoms of Timandra are:


Arden is a kingdom of temperate forests, pastures, and plains.  Its sigil is the raven, and its colors are black and gold. See Arden for more details.


Daenor is a long, narrow country embracing the western coast of Timandra.  Its sigil is a crocodile, and its colors are blue and gold. See Daenor for more details.


Eseer is a southern, desert kingdom whose people live along the Kae river.  Its sigil is a scorpion, and its colors are yellow and red.


Mageria is a landlocked kingdom of great plains.  Its people are reknowned for their magic.  Mageria's sigil is the buffalo, and its colors are crimson and black. See Mageria for more details.


Naya is a land of rainforests and swamps.  Its people have wild, red hair and bright green eyes.  Its warriors often fight bare-chested, bones strewn through their braided beards.  Naya's sigil is the tiger -- an animal they've trained for war -- and its colors are orange and black.


Orida is a northern island-nation of raiders.  Its people are reknowned for their height, golden hair, and strength.  Orida's sigil is the orca, and its colors are black and white. See Orida for more details.


Sania is a large, warm, southern island.  Its sigil is the elephant -- which roams the savanna of Sania -- and its colors are blue and green.


Verilon is a northern, sub-arctic land of ice and pine forests.  Its burly warriors dress in fur, wield hammers, and ride bears to battle.  Verilon's sigil is the bear, and its colors are green and brown. See Verilon.