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Torin Greenmoat (born 996 -- Timandrian calendar) is a point-of-view character in the Moth novels.  He serves as one of the primary protagonists of the series.  Torin is a gardener from Fairwool-by-Night who goes on a quest to stop, and later to end, a war between Timandra and Eloria.

Physical appearance:  Torin is a little shorter than average in his village.  He has brown hair, just long enough to fall across his brow and ears.  His most distinguishing feature is his eyes:  one is green and the other black.  His black eye is due to an old injury, which left his pupil permanently dilated; it also reduced vision in that eye to mere smudges.  At the start of Moth, he is eighteen years old.

Background:  Torin's father (Teramin Greenmoat) was a lowborn soldier who fought in a war against Verilon, saved the king's life, and was knighted.  Teramin then retired from fighting and settled in Fairwool-by-Night, where Torin was born.  Both Torin's parents died during a season of plague ten years ago, which killed half the population of Fairwool-by-Night.  Since then, Torin has been living with Lord Kerof Berin as an adopted son.  Growing up, he mostly served as the village gardener.  When he turned eighteen, Torin was given a sword and breastplate and enlisted into the Village Guard, a small unit tasked with protecting the border with Eloria.

Personality:  Torin is quiet, introverted, and reflective.  He has a love for growing things, for animals, and for peace.  He enjoys sitting by the fireplace, reading a good book, or spending time in the village tavern.  While generally non-violent, Torin is willing to fight for his fellow villagers.  His best friends are Bailey, Camlin, and Hemstad.